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    Groundbreaking design and style

    Exceptional Quality

    DORA is world-renowned for groundbreaking manufacturing methods, designed to last a lifetime.

    World-class workmanship

    Superior Finish

    Polished to the highest standards, our wedding rings and bands are the essence of style and class.

    Made to Mean More

    Lifetime Guarantee

    Your DORA ring is protected by our Lifetime Guarantee.


    People also ask:

    Where to buy a DORA Ring? / Who sells DORA Rings? / Where is my nearest DORA Retailer?

    Genuine DORA Rings are sold exclusively by official DORA Retailers, who warrant the authenticity of your DORA Ring and ensure its international Lifetime Warranty & Guarantee. DORA Wedding Rings are available throughout Australia and New Zealand in all capital cities and regional locations.

    People also ask:

    How much does a DORA ring cost? / How much should I be spending on a wedding ring?

    For enquiries about prices or specific models please contact or visit your nearest DORA Retailer.

    With the vast DORA range being customisable and available in a variety of metal types and combinations it is necessary to have a consultation to determine preferences and ring sizing for accurate pricing.

    People also ask:

    What is the best metal for wedding ring? / What are DORA Rings made from? / What metal best suits my lifestyle?

    DORA rings can be manufactured in a variety of metals. Rings are available in 9k, 14k, & 18k gold in White, yellow and rose colours, as well as platinum, platinum 600, palladium, silver, titanium and carbon fibre.

    Please check with your DORA retailer on rings containing mixed metals as the website does not indicate all metal combinations available. We can also produce custom designs to your specifications.

    People also ask:

    How long is the guarantee on a Dora Ring? / Are Dora Rings guaranteed for life?

    Every DORA ring comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. The DORA lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship, regardless of the age of the product, but it does not cover normal wear and tear. Wear and tear is damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal use.

    People also ask:

    How can I clean my Dora Ring? / How do I make my ring look new again?

    It should be expected that anything you will wear every day will show signs of having being worn. Metals are vulnerable.

    Caring for your ring means occasionally taking it off. Playing sports, going to the gym, gardening, and DIY projects around the house are all great examples of activities that can result in scratches or markings on your ring.

    Cold water may shrink your fingers just enough to loosen the ring from your finger, so it is recommended to be aware of this when swimming or engaging in water activities.

    Most Dora retailers will have the facilities to clean, polish or refinish your ring. Alternatively, they may have to send your ring back to Dora for assessment and to be restored. Please note there may be a nominal fee involved.

    Insuring your Dora ring can also be a wise decision. Most insurance companies will include your ring under your homeowner’s insurance, although you can always insure it separately if you wish.

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