Making Rings is what we do.

In fact, it’s all we do.

Every ring should have something special of its own – some character or quality that sets it apart.

It’s what we call the human touch.

Every Dora ring has it, because every ring we make is designed by humans and finished by hand. Our design team are obsessed with rings, with finding new ways to make a unique and beautiful statement.

And our ringmakers are craftsmen in their own right, combining the most precious metals on earth, customising designs and adding embellishments, shaping rings unlike any others.

It’s this singular focus on craftsmanship in harmony with technology, that makes our customised ring service so popular.

Rings are like relationships. You want them to withstand the test of time.

The secret to both is commitment.

You have to be 100% behind it and match your actions to your words.

We’re committed to long term relationships and for us that means two things are not negotiable:  our service and lifetime guarantees.

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